For the last of Columbia Women’s Rugby fall 2014 season, the CU team traveled to Dartmouth once again for the Ivy League Championship Tournament!

Saturday November 1st marks the day that CUWRFC came terrifying close to beating Cornell. The weather was grim, gray, and wet, the ideal rugby conditions to play in, as they would say in the UK. The Columbia girls knew they had improved greatly since they last played Cornell in September and this motivated them to play as hard as they could. And they brought it, scoring multiple tries, taking advantage of the wet ball and their poor passes, consistently launching off the defensive line. Cornell scored a few tries of their own. Columbia was one try away from winning in the last few minutes of the game when Cornell scored their last try. Columbia hopes to finally win against them next time they play.

Final Score: Columbia 12, Cornell 20
Back of the Match: Paula Gaither
Forward of the Match: Simone Alston
Player of the Match: Kira Ullman
The second day of the tournament was less wet and the temperature had dropped further. But the rugby girls of CU were ready to play in any weather! Their repeat adversary this time was the Yale Women’s Rugby Club. CU knew because they beat them once, they could beat them again! The girls were always looking up on both offense and defense, always making clean plays. Scrums were strong, and the forwards drew the opposing team in, making for excellent back line plays. Yale managed to squeeze one measly try in, but the girls of CUWRFC were really putting all the rugby they had learned this season into this game, determined to go out with a bang. Their last 80 minutes of rugby for the season were a blast with their victory over Yale.
Final Score: Yale 5, Columbia 24
Back of the Match: Amanda Leng Smith
Forward of the Match: Sierra Watkins
Player of the Match: Kendall Smith