On Saturday October 18th, 2014, CUWRFC bused up to Dartmouth, their last game before the Ivy League Championships. A bit of rain and a nice wide grass rugby pitch really made for ideal playing conditions, and CU was roaring to play. The CU girls played strong scrums against Dartmouth and were quick to recognize when not to send people to the ruck and instead line up on defense. The Dartmouth women’s rugby club proved they were tough as well, working hard against the CU defense. Despite CUWRFC’s overwhelming loss to Dartmouth in this difficult and physically taxing game, everyone watching the game knew that CU possessed a boundless desire to win and that they never gave up, no matter what the score.


Final score: Dartmouth 92, Columbia 5
Back of the Match: Hollie Dowd
Forward of the Match: Amber Brock
Player of the Match/BOP: Kendall Smith