After bringing the game to Yale last year, the CU women’s rugby team faced Yale once again, this time on Columbia’s field on Saturday September 27th, 2014. The turf was hot, but not as hot as CUWRFC’s desire to win. The CU girls not only had to fight a score deficit once, but twice after Yale had the lead on them. CUWRFC fought til the end of the game, proving themselves the fitter team, always fending off the ref who was constantly in the defensive line and CU was always there to ruck over the Yale rugby girls. CU scored tries by Amanda Leng Smith, Alex Pan, Amber Brock, and even Kira Ullman, who was previously out for a concussion, scored a try just under two minutes after being put into the game. It was a great game of rugby, and CUWRFC hopes to drive the winning momentum to Brown next week.

Final Score: Columbia 34, Yale 27
Back of the Match: Paula Gaither
Forward of the Match: Sierra Watkins
Player of the Match/BOP: Amber Brock