CUWRFC versus Cornell

For the second year in a row, CUWRFC traveled to Cornell for a rugby match on September 20th, 2014. Despite the familiar scenery of horses, large open spaces and distant mountains, CU was determined not to repeat the outcome of last years match, a devastating loss of 90-0. Indeed, the CU girls held up a strong defense, playing the majority of the game in the opponent’s try zone, but were unable to score a try of their own. The b-side game was more successful, with CUWRFC scoring five tries against Cornell. Almost halfway through the season, CU looks ahead to the Yale game next Saturday, hoping to score their first win of the season.


A-Side: Cornell 24, Columbia 0
Back of the Match: Hollie Dowd
Forward of the Match: Sarah Caputo
BOP: Amanda Leng Smith

B-Side: Columbia 31, Cornell 7
Players of the Game: Briley Lewis and Melyssa Muro