After a scrimmage against NYRC the previous weekend, CUWRFC was ready for their first game of the Fall 2014 season on Saturday September 13! It was a home game against the UPenn rugby club and the slight rain had transformed the football field into a high friction slip’n slide of inescapable turf. When their adversary finally arrived, CUWRFC was already spitting turf balls and ready to play rugby. CU lead an awesome defense against UPenn, and it took a lot of effort for UPenn to find a few holes and score a couple tries in the A-side game. The constant switching between offense and defense showed that both teams had no desire to simply let the other team score. CUWRFC also had a B-side game against UPenn, and it was the first game for many of the rookies. Their debut was marked by the couple tries they made after finding the flaws in UPenn’s defense with the careful guidance of the more experienced CU players, leading to their win. All in all, it was a great start to the season, and CUWRFC looks forward to the challenges ahead.


A-Side Final Score: UPenn 36, Columbia 0
Back of the Match: Amanda Leng Smith
Forward of the Match: Alex Pan
BOP/Player of the Match: Kira Ullman
B-Side Final Score: Columbia 25, UPenn 0
Players of the Game: Christine Djan and Hollie Dowd