On Saturday April 19, CU unexpectedly challenged the New York Rugby Club b-side team at Baker Field. After learning that the John Hopkins team had unceremoniously cancelled their arrival, and overhearing unconfirmed rumors that half the NYRC team was hungover while the other half was arriving from a bloody paintball game, CUWRFC, unfazed by the circumstances, put on their game face for their last rugby phases of the season. Despite being roughly put together for a game on short notice, the NYRC b-side contested well against CU, going through multiple phases before scoring several tries near the edges of the field with breakaways. CU managed to score a couple tries of their own, but were still defeated by NYRC. But the game was fun for both sides, and NYRC called for ten extra minutes of play, just to enjoy the last bit of rugby of the season. After the game whilst eating delicious sandwiches and cupcakes, CUWRFC bonded with NYRC and the CU alumni, sharing past and new experiences of rugby and their eventful lives beyond college.