April 5th and 6th marked the weekend CUWRFC went to the Cherry Blossom Tournament in Fort Washington, MD. For the first day, CU faced Kutztown University Women’s Rugby club. Not discouraged by their formidable size, which can be looked up on their website, CUWRFC tackled them head on, scoring one try against them. Although CU lost against Kutzdown 29-7, they kept their rugby spirits high in the low sun for the next day at 7:45am in the game against West Virginia. Constantly launching off the defensive line and continuous offensive plays led CU to win against them, 7-29. The next game against the Navy Women’s Rugby team was a tough one, but CU fought on to continue to be 15 as 1. Putting the loss to the Navy behind them, CU went against Elon University in the semi-finals for the Bowl Championship. The first half consisted of multiple continuous plays, CU fighting for the win throughout, demonstrating how hard they trained in fitness. CUWRFC struggled to keep the ball all through the game, leading to their win, 10-7. The CU girls’ determination to win the Bowl Championship was clearly seen in the game against Georgetown University. Tackles were lower, offensive play was cleaner, and CU never let them score a try, winning 7-0. All in all, it was a great weekend for rugby, and CUWRFC made the most of it.



Columbia vs. Kutztown: 7 – 29

Columbia vs. West Virginia: 29 – 7
Columbia vs.  Navy: 0 – 39

Bowl Semi-Final
Columbia vs. Elon: 10 –  7

Bowl Championship
Columbia vs. Georgetown: 7 –  0