On Saturday March 8th, Columbia University Women’s Rugby Football Club played Hofstra on their field for their first game of the spring season. Regardless of their late start due to transportation issues, CU started strong, facing Hofstra’s tough offense with a fierce determination to win and have fun playing rugby. The game was separated into two 30 minute halves and one 20 half in order to get everyone on both teams playing time on the field and participate in the ferocious sport that is rugby. Hofstra’s rugby team managed to find holes in the CU defensive line, leading to Columbia’s loss, 32-5. However, Columbia kept up the positive spirit for the B-side game. The talented CU rookies alongside upbeat experienced players won try after try, winning against Hofstra in the B-side game. Overall, it was a great day for rugby and CU looks forward to the rest of the spring season.