CUWRFC Defeats Lehigh 38-12

CUWRFC got a strong start to their season with a big win against Lehigh on Saturday, September 14th. Leading off with the first try of the game, and fall season, was Sarah Caputo (BC ’15), followed by a conversion by Amanda Leng-Smith (CC ’15). CUWRFC kept this momentum going throughout the rest of the game, with further tries scored by Arielle Napoli (BC ’15), Kira Ullman (CC ’15), and Savannah Woods (CC ’14). The offense was strong with good support leading to a few of the tries and CU stole multiple balls off the scrums and lineouts. A considerable number of rookies got playing time in the game and the future of CUWRFC looks promising. The final score was CUWRFC 38, Lehigh 12.

Forward of the match: Chrissy Hernandez
Back of the match: Arielle Napoli
Player of the match: Taylor Banning